Micah Carroll - Personal Profile Image.

(*ゝω・)ノ I'm Micah and currently I'm interested in Product Design, Front End Development, Design Systems, and Illustration.

I found my way into the design realm from making forum signatures and then eventually coding my own websites – which opened the doors to learning more on Product Design.

This eventually led me to attending the Art Institute which taught me the basics of design and development.

Now I spend my time working at Ring (Amazon) and on my free time I'm often also exploring the topic of mindfulness.

In terms of my love for mindfulness it all came from reading various books, listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, and just overall being curious.

Anyways what's the point of stopping here.. let's be friends on Twitter, Instagram , Linkedin, or even Pinterest .

Latestly, I was given the chance to be featured on Interface Lovers (if you're still curious about me )