These are some items or services I use daily or frequently that I would suggest.

Macbook Pro 2017 – Apple

My daily driver at home personally.

iMac 2015 – Apple

This is what i use during my work hours at Ring.

Beats x – Beats

These are some of my favorite headphones, simple and fast charging.

Nonda usb type c dongle – amazon

I own a Macbook Pro 2017, and this is required.. thinking about changing to something with SD cards.

Logitech mx master v1 – amazon

What i use at home, by far the best mouse i’ve ever used.

Code keyboard – Website

I currently own the clear switches and it’s paid itself off very quickly.

Vortex racer 3 – Amazon

I currently own the brown switches and it’s paid itself off very quickly once again.

Patchworks ITG case – Amazon

Great balance between minimal and safety.

Moleskine classic notebook dotted – Amazon

There’s a lot of different journals i’ve used but this one has left it’s mark.

Uni ball signo rti – Amazon

My favorite pen by far, easy to use and no.

Topo Kettlersack – Amazon

One of the best backpacks i’ve ever had in my life.

Muji ruler – Amazon

I just have to recommend this ruler because i practically use it on a daily basis.

Arkon tripod – Amazon

What I use for my instagram live streams.

Hydro flask – Amazon

This is what i use to hydrate, water gang 2k18.

Curology – Website

This product has changed my life, not sponsored but if i can help point you in the direction.

Adobe creative suite – Website

I use this suite of products on the daily.