Poster Exploration

Graphic Design

General explorations of graphic design works over time.

Some of my favorites from the series.

General Overview

After coming home from work day by day, I realized it's essential to keep creating and I thought to myself "wow, I love the way people design posters — this would be fun".

So here we are, two of the main prompts I used while creating these posters were Japanese poster trends and hype-beast style posters taking excerpts from some of my favorite books.

Some of the more recent layouts I created, basing them off books I've read.
Some posters I created while doing this whole "anime" themed exploration.
What some of these posters could look like in real life.
These are some where I just went nuts on the layout.

The Outcome

One thing I learnt from all of this is that creativity often comes from restriction and when I gave myself several prompts often I'd create my best work.