Neighbors Portal Design System

Web App Design System

While working on this product there was a need for a design system to be created. Took the time to iron it out and work with the developers while building.

To start we looked over UI Kits, and then modeled from there.


Before joining the team on neighbors portal there was no product designer completely dedicated to working on the projects so while on the marketing team I would make small adjustments here and there alongside others.

Which is the total recipe for disaster in terms of keeping the ui elements consistent.

So one of my first priorities within the team was to get majority of the elements consistent and get development up and running.


Product Designer


Mitchell Valine

Austin Kim

Jeffery Leung

Charles Pham

Inspiration from some of the great design systems out there.

Action Plan

  1. Gathered and audited all of the ui elements within the web application.
  2. Condense all of the extra ui elements and create consistent styling, this would be colors, sizing, etc.
  3. Sync with the stakeholders in terms of the nearest future state of current features and what features we will be adding into the product.
  4. Narrow down on how we can begin to implement the new design system that is being built into current feature releases.
Thinking for future usage for designers.
Listing out UI elements.

The Outcome

Currently being worked on as we speak (August 2019) and so far it's bringing in a huge amount of improvement for the team.