Ring Design System

Web design system

During my time at Ring, as a side project i spent a bit of time working on developing a web design system that can pair with the application's design system.


Brief Description




First things first, the designers and developers at Ring. Then the design community

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Goals and Experience

Goal for project

To help onboard new designers with creating consistent designs within the company and a css framework for the developers.

My experience

This was one of my most humbling experiences here at ring. balancing the knowledge between the development and design as well as keeping the entire team up to date on the why.

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The outcome


1. During building the design system the marketing team at Ring also needed to create pages based on our older system.
2. Making the small increments needed to be applied to the live website while keeping the feel of the brand.
3. Leading the team making sure everyone is synced with the updates to the system.

Did we accomplish this?

Currently this is still a work in progress, for implmentation on the production website.