Ring Design System

Web Design System

During my time at Ring, as a side project I spent a bit of time working on developing a web design system that can pair with the application's design system.

When starting the system, we begun with typography.


After being on the marketing team for a year, we had some transfers in leadership alongside design and there was a need to refine the website as a direct request from the CEO.

Together with another designer on the team we decided to tackle building out a very ground level design system that could be used by the devs and get us on the right foot for a bright future.

This project was the start of my interest within product design and just overall working with developers to build out a design system.


UI Designer


Tara Beiser

Research & UX Portion

We did a level of research looking over several design systems and took track of the features that we have and the features that could be quickly implemented while working alongside development.

Colors quickly came second.

Goal for Project

To help create a refined UI style for the entire ecommerce platform at ring as well as lead the direction of all web applications.

My Experience

For this being my first attempt at building a design system to be used by a corperation there was a lot that surprised me.

  1. Stakeholders often need to know deadlines and exactly how it will be implemented.
  2. Sometimes dividing up the work can be slightly complicated depending on the designer's strengths.
  3. Design systems are living pieces of a brand and will always change and grow (sometimes hard to explain to stakeholders)
Iconography was a huge task, and majority was created to match up with the ring app.
Illustrations were also something we pitched moving forward, which you can see live now.

The Outcome

This project got cut because leadership did not find it valuable having our remote developers also work on building out a prototype alongside production of the marketing website. (from my assumption, just a lack of resources at the time)

At most I learnt about all of the small little things that I could have never thought of while building out a design system. In the long run this first attempt at building out a design system with developers and other designers helped out massively with my other projects.