Ring Marketing

Multidisplinary Quest

Massive amounts of growth as a designer with both the tangible and intangible skills.

Most of the UI work I completed while on the marketing team.


If I could classify this role it'd an overall generalist startup designer daily lifestyle.

I worked on a vast amount of things from motion graphics, illustration, small bits of development work, print design, and user interface.

This position played a huge role in terms of my growth of just learning the tools behind designing such as the Adobe Suite, Sketch, and Figma.




Tara Beiser

Jose Ramos Santana


What you'll be seeing here is a mixed assortment of some of my favorite projects I worked on while on the marketing team.

Banner Ads on Banner Ads.
Ring Neighbors Ad.
Ring Protect landing page animation.

The Outcome

Spanning through 16 product launches I created a vast amount of work ranging through various marketing channels. Learned a massive amount of soft skills involving how to communicate to stakeholders, other designers, and more. Will never forget my time here.