product design

web based application that utilizes AI-powered advertising to help sellers on Amazon and Walmart optimize their products for e-commerce.

teikametrics case study


  • product design
  • visual design
  • design systems


During my time at Teikametrics I spent majority of my time working on feature work and then wrapping up my time leading the efforts on the Walmart launch for the platform.

walmart launch.

walmart homepage

What was the majority of my time spent doing?

A good portion was helping build out the Walmart launch and also some feature requests here and there. This was in the midst of the first set of COVID-19 lockdowns and during them the company was also learning how to balance a work from home workflow.

Lightweight user onboarding.

steps for success

breaking down various steps of a flow for stakeholders.

Breaking down components.


Often with most of my work at Teikametrics the components were complex and needed a level of detail with handing off to the developers and stakeholders. This was something I learnt here and looking to pull in to various projects in the future.

In Retrospective

Teikametrics was the first B2B web application I’ve worked on and sprouted the roots to learning more about complex web dashboards. It was also my first time working within a user group that I never knew existed until I joined the company, which lead to a lot of insights around research! Never-the-less was a great learning experience and grateful to have had it.