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While at Aritzia, I focused on enhancing UI polish through motion design. I also became an integral part of the team dedicated to improving the user experience in product discovery, including search and filtering features.
Landing.Space, general feed
New dynamic entry point to the search
At Aritzia, while enhancing the search component, a pivotal goal was to inspire users. Previously, recommendations were static. I helped concept with another designer the idea of introducing a dynamic, AI-driven empty state that generated recommendations based on multiple factors.
Desktop example + previous design
Subtle filter improvements for UX
Ghost loader implementation
My tenure at Aritzia was short, but I am grateful for the valuable experiences gained while collaborating with the talented design team. The most significant lesson I took away from this experience was the importance of working within a larger team and integrating extensive research supported by prominent research organizations, all while navigating through various levels of approval.
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